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Hope On The Horizon: Cayman Islands (Mission Blue Hope Spot)

Photo Credit: Ellen Cuylaerts I am so excited to announce that today I was published in Mission Blue’s Ocean Stories.  It was such an honor! I am so humbled by this moment.  It was an absolute pleasure to work with Mission Blue and Ellen Cuylaerts.  Thank You Ellen for allowing me to use your spectacular pictures for the article. Recently, the Cayman Islands, George Town Harbor was designated as a new Hope Spot by Mission Blue. To read more about my article please visit Mission Blue’s website, or click here. Content Update: 7th January 2017.  Below is my article in full.  Originally published in Mission Blue’s Ocean Stories.  Photo Credit: Ellen Cuylaerts Recently, the George Town Harbor in the Cayman Islands was named a Mission Blue Hope Spot- one of fourteen newly designated Hope Spots.  This is incredible news for environmentalists both locally and internationally.  A designated Hope Spot is an area considered to be “critical to the health of the ocean”.  These special areas are recognized by Mission Blue and respectively conservationists around the globe as …

A Good Old Fashioned Christmas…

The New Year might be on a roll, but I still can’t believe Christmas has yet once again come and gone.  The holidays seem to just fly by and sometimes it is hard to feel present in the moment.  I find it is after the holidays I look back and reflect on the holiday season. Over the holidays I had the pleasure of writing a guest post on the National Trust for the Cayman Islands official blog Cayman Heritage. Please click here to read the blog post Cayman Christmas Past. Enjoy, xo

Paper Towns… Best Books to Give This Christmas

  Today I am teaming up with my bestie Tiffany who runs the blog My Happy Coincidence  Her blog is pretty awesome! If you love art, music, and books then you should be reading her blog. Trust me, you will love it! Together we have comprised a list of our favorite books we read this year.  These books are worthy of being wrapped up with a pretty bow and placed under the Christmas tree for a friend, family member or loved one. Giving books is the best way to share the joy you’ve have while reading with someone else! So, Eco Chic Cayman and My Happy Coincidence have come up with a list of our favourite 2015 reads that make great Holiday Gifts! Eco Chic Cayman Picks Paper Towns: By, John Green Paper Towns is officially one of my all-time favorite books! I did not expect to fall in love with this book as much as I did. To be honest, I had no idea what the book was even about. I saw a glimpse of …

DIY: Scrabble Pillows

For all of you who love to make homemade, handcrafted Christmas gifts, this post is for you!  My bestie Tiffany, who is the lady behind the blog My Happy Coincidence made this really cool handcrafted scrabble pillow.  This gift is great for friends and family who love to play scrabble. (Photo Credit: My Happy Coincidence) Click here, to follow Tiffany’s easy steps to making your own scrabble pillow.   Have fun! Merry Christmas! xo    

Egg Nog French Toast

  ‘Tis the season to eat yummy treats for breakfast! One of my besties sent me a recipe for Egg Nog French Toast on Pinterest. It sparked a whole new recipe.  My version is dairy free and gluten free. This is a great item to serve at a North Pole Breakfast!  I also added in some bonus ingredients: marshmallow and cinnamon. What you will need: 1 Egg, Cinnamon, Marshmallow, Egg Nog (Silk brand so dairy free and gluten free) gluten free bread and olive oil. The Steps: Mix egg, egg nog and a sprinkle of cinnamon in a bowl. Soak each bread slice in the mixture Fry egg nog coated bread slices in olive oil. Add in marshmallows Serve when slightly golden brown. Enjoy! xo ps- stay tuned for a post on how to make a north pole breakfast.

12 Days of an Eco Chic Christmas, xo

  Run, Run Rudolph, Christmas is almost here! If you have been enjoying your advent calendar with yummy chocolates hidden inside for each day as you countdown until Christmas Day has finally arrived, then you know I am a little late with my blog post. Whoops! Even though Christmas is only 10 days away, I still have some fun Christmas themed posts on the way. Posts will range from: Egg Nog French Toast, eco-friendly gift wrapping, stocking stuffers for under $5, eco-friendly holiday gift guide and other holiday treats. Stay tuned for more holiday inspired posts to come. Merry Christmas, xo