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Photo Credit: Tiffany Morgan

The Project: Words of Kindness is a space for kind thoughts, kind words, and acts of kindness.  Tiffany, founder of My Happy Coincidence in Toronto, and I are super excited about our new project we have teamed up for.  This page is our Headquarters for Project: Words of Kindness:  Right now the project is small, should it blossom into something bigger and more beautiful than we could imagine, – then we will look into creating an official website devoted just to Project: Words of Kindness. As for now, this will be home to Project: Words of Kindness. This is a collaborative effort between Tiffany and I, so please check out her blog My Happy Coincidence for exclusive and bonus posts for Project: Words of Kindness.

The Challenge: On New Year’s Day- We have 1 resolution to sprinkle the world in kindness.  How are we gonna do it?  By sending words of kindness to complete strangers, as well as friends and family -we couldn’t leave them out.  All we ask is for lucky recipients to Pay Kindness Forward.

P.S. We are getting ahead start… We plan to end the year in kindness and Pay Kindness Forward into the New Year.

Documenting Kindness:  Due to our project being small, every Wednesday for the whole year you can find our blog posts on Project: Words of Kindness.  We plan to blog a post  every Wednesday for the new year dedicated to:
  • An act of kindness,
  • A photo of kindness
  • A quote(s) of kindness
  • Or all of the above
That is 52 Wednesday’s in a year (we counted!).  This equates to 52 posts of Kindness on the blog.
The Delivery of Kindness:  We plan to share words of kindness through the good old fashion postal system.  That means handwritten letters and postcards.  Additionally, words of kindness can be spread through Tweets, Facebook messages, Post It notes, messages in the snow or sand.  Other ways we plan to share kindness throughout the world is through small acts of kindness.
Bonus Challenge: To work with local charities to help create more acts of kindness in the world.
Join the Kindness Movement:  If you feel as inspired and passionate about putting more kindness into the world as we are then please join us!
Take the challenge to write and send some words of kindness whether on a Wednesday or any other day out of the week to anyone you feel would benefit from some words of kindness.
Stay Connected Through Kindness: When sharing kindness consider documenting your act by using these Hashtags:
This will help us keep track of all the kindness being sprinkled across the globe.
Share the Kindness: If you have a story of an act of kindness, or some kindness inspiration you would love to share please email us or send us a tweet.
Twitter: @KindnessWords
Go Sprinkle Some Kindness Into The World! If you are onboard with us and have joined the movement of kindness, we wish you all best and thank you for helping us spread kindness across the globe.
Have an incredible New Year! May it be filled with happiness, love, joy and kindness.
With Love and Kindness,
Laura & Tiffany


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