Eco Chic Cayman Friends

Here at Eco Chic Cayman, we believe in great working relationships. We love to support and  collaborate with likeminded people and organizations.  Our friends have values that align with ours: sustainability, supporting local, and conservation.


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The National Trust for the Cayman Islands

Protecting Our Paradise

The National Trust has been “Protecting the future of Cayman’s heritage” since its inception in 1987.

“The Trust is a not-for-profit NGO created to preserve the history and biodiversity of the Cayman Islands. Through education and conservation we work to protect environmentally sensitive and historically significant sites across all three Cayman Islands.”- National Trust 

To learn more about the National Trust for the Cayman Islands visit their website, click here.

It is such a privilege to be asked to write guest blog posts for their official blog Cayman Heritage 

Eco Divers


Cayman Eco Divers is an environmentally responsible dive company. They provide safe diving adventures exploring the spectacular coral reefs and historic shipwreck sites found in the Cayman Islands. Snorkelers are welcome to join in on the fun too! The heart of Cayman Eco Divers is to share with locals and tourists alike the beauty of the ocean and life that resides there with an eco-conscious mindset and absolute respect for the ocean. Cayman Eco Divers is committed to both the conservation and preservation of coral reefs, marine life and the environment.





“SAGE LAROCK offers a modern image of luxury – clothing that is naturally beautiful both inside and out. We create our clothing entirely from sustainable, recycled or organic materials and produce ethically and locally, using non-toxic and plant based dyes. We create beautiful, limited edition pieces that transition with ease from day to night and can be worn season after season.” -Sage Larock










‘Plastic Free Cayman’, in collaboration with ‘Red Sail Sports Grand Cayman’, have started a community beach cleanup initiative in the Cayman Islands.  During the first weekend of every month, a different location is selected for a community cleanup.  In February (2018) alone, volunteers collected a whopping 2,500lbs of trash, making a total of 6583lbs over the last 6 months.  Plastic Free Cayman is a community organization, with plans to be a Non for Profit, which encourages individuals and businesses to go plastic-free through awareness, education and action. In addition to beach cleanups, ‘Plastic Free Cayman’ has an ongoing campaign encouraging the community to refuse single-use plastics.

Saucha Logo

Cheers to Kombucha!

Saucha – (n) \sow tcha\
Consciousness about everything you put into your body, mind, heart and environment.

Saucha- Conscious Living provides the Cayman Islands with one of the most delicious drinks on the market, Kombucha! A handcrafted, all natural, and loaded with health benefits drink, with an array of flavors to choose from. Each one is made with love, and organic ingredients straight from the local farmers market. Kombucha is only available at selected retail locations. It gets better! Saucha also creates to die for vegan tasty treats, OMG Cookie Dough Bites- trust me they are heavenly! It is wonderful to see that the community is embracing vegan food, and supporting local farmers and businesses. Read more from their feature on Eco Chic Cayman by clicking here

Contact: (Tel) 926-0508 Email:


Powder Monkey Cayman


Powder Monkey is a Caymanian born, Barbadian inspired business that specialises in homemade, flavored, gourmet marshmallows.

Check out their feature here 

Got Eggs logo

Got Eggs?? Local. Organic. Sustainable.

Support Local Farmers.

Brothers, Shanan and Pasmore Harrison have a Cayman Egg Farm which is not-for-profit. Any proceeds from egg purchases goes directly into feeding and maintaining the chickens as well as supporting Shanan’s ministry which teaches youth and adults how to cook. Together, their hard work is a labor of love. The chickens are specifically, layer fowls which means that they do not rely on a rooster to produce eggs. The animals are cared for with love, and respect. All farmed eggs are organic, thus they are hormone and antibiotic free! Check out their feature on Eco Chic Cayman

Contact: (Tel) 326-9761 Email: Website: Coming Soon


“My love for baking comes with my love and appreciation for simple ingredients. I believe that food should be gorgeous to look at and rich in flavour; balancing salty and sweet so the two work in harmony…I started off as a science major, pursuing a degree in structural engineering -but my passion for baking lead me down the path to make it a lifelong career; one I could make my own…from SCRATCH.” Brittany Seymour

To make a custom order for your next batch of doughnuts, macaroons, cupcakes or a cake for any celebration contact Brittanni.

Brittanni Seymour



Tel: 1-345-923-0081

Stoked Cayman


Two of the coolest artists I know, Kevin Mounsor and Marc Laurenson design epic artwork.  Their artwork is mainly inspired by Pop Art.  They have an incredible selection of canvas artwork, hats, sunglasses and graphic design t-shirts all made locally.

I am proud to say that I teamed up with Stoak’d Cayman and they have done an incredible job printing my Eco Chic Cayman “Wanderlust Collection” Click here to learn more

Website: Stoak’d Cayman

Bee Line Designs


Exquisite handcrafted designs made by Caymanian Artist, Gale Tibbetts, founder of Bee Line Designs by 24k-Mon Jewelers & Art Gallery. Her collection is inspired by her love for the ocean and the island’s natural beauty.  Bee Line Designs is composed of handcrafted jewelry and unique crafts.  Gale has been creating handmade jewelry for the past 35 years.  Her signature style for Bee Line Designs, is her use of Swarovski crystals, semi-precious gem stones, pearls and a selection of metals.  Her collection is hand forged by Gale creating one-of-a-kind pieces.

Follow Gale on Instagram click here


Michael Maes


Michael’s portfolio (both underwater and topside) covers the polar regions, temperate waters and the tropics. He has a passionate interest for polar bears and Arctic whales.
Originally from Belgium, Michael relocated to Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands in 2008. Although the underwater world attracted him since he started diving in 1992, a dive accident several years later kept him land-locked for a long time. When Ellen Cuylaerts — his wife and a renowned wildlife photographer — challenged him back into the water in 2011, his rediscovered dedication for diving became life changing.
Michael recognized the impact of storytelling through pictures and film and used this platform to create awareness of the remarkable wildlife realm to the broad public. At the heart of his films is showing people the beauty and fragility of this blue planet, from the depths of the warm waters to the white vastness of the polar regions. Michael produces films with integrity, serving to both educate and inform the general public about environmental issues dear to him.
His work has been broadcast on various national television like Nat Geo Wild, Outside Television, CBC. It also received recognition at a myriad of international film festivals; reflecting the ability to translate the need for wildlife conservation onto the screen.
Stemming from a long and successful past in IT, Michael seeks to remain at the forefront of cutting edge technology. His choice for RED Digital Cinema cameras and the superior optics of Zeiss cinema lenses originates from his commitment to capture the perfection of nature under optimum conditions. Although he advocates it is not “the camera taking the picture” but “the person behind the camera”, he also believes technology by itself is an additional tool for filmmakers.
In 2015 Michael was inducted as cinematographer in the Ocean Artists Society, an organization uniting artists worldwide to raise awareness and protect the marine environment through art. Michael is also a founding Navigator of the Central Caribbean Marine Institute; a leading scientific research centre in the Caribbean focusing on coral reef restoration, research on coral resilience, and ocean education.
Michael recently finished a feature documentary – Epiphany – a story about shark conservation, conquering fear, reinventing life and autism.



Tea Time in Cayman is a supplier of premium loose leaf tea, teaware and tea-themed gift baskets.  With a total of 37 varieties of our loose leaf tea. Kadi Pentney and Kelli Dawson are the lovely ladies behind the ever charming Tea Time In Cayman. 

Visit their website: Tea Time In Cayman