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Eco Eats: Powder Monkey Marshmallow


Photo Credit: Powder Monkey Cayman

Marshmallows are an all-time favorite dessert/treat/garnish.  I love how versatile marshmallows are: great as garnish on a cup of hot cocoa, a bonus ingredient for pancakes and excellent as a dessert all on its own.  Powder Monkey Marshmallows are the creme de la creme of marshmallows — think fun treat with gourmet taste.  With a selection of refreshening flavors: passion fruit, coconut, exotic rose and mint chocolate chip you are bound to find a favorite bag of marshmallows.  These unique flavored marshmallows are made with love, from scratch and hand cut —a quality made product to be enjoyed.  When applicable locally sourced ingredients from local farmers are used such as coconuts and passion fruit.  For those of you have allergies, you will be delighted to know that Powder Monkey Marshmallows are gluten free and do not contain egg. Yay! (Said everyone with a gluten allergy, me included).  Lydia, can be found experimenting with new flavors in the kitchen.  We can’t wait to see what new batch of flavors she has coming soon.

The Making of Powder Monkey Marshmallows


Photo Credit: Powder Monkey Cayman

Lydia Ray (formerly Jackman) is the lady behind Powder Monkey Marshmallows.  The name of her company resonates with fond memories from her childhood:

“The name Powder Monkey takes me back to a playful time when creativity knew no bounds and each day was an adventure. Growing up, my sisters and I had a strong family structure and support. While my parents were working we had a bevy of family that would look after us. My Aunt Jan was one of those people. Jan was the perfect blend of strict and playful. In the evening after we took our showers, she would let us pour powder all along the corridor and skate along the floor. Her one rule was that we clean up after we were finished. Oh the glorious competitions we had sliding, slipping and bumping in the sea of powder. Of course when we were finished, we were covered from head to toe in powder. She would laugh and call us her powder monkeys.  That was my inspiration for the name.” – Lydia Ray

Food For Thought


Photo Credit: Powder Monkey Cayman

“There are a few things in life that have the ability to appeal to people from all cultures; food is one of those things. I love food and I set out to create a product that everyone can enjoy regardless of their age and culture. Food is so much more than just something we put in our bodies to survive. It is what we use to form bonds, to communicate feelings of love and passion, to trigger memories. Do you remember the first time you tasted something and loved it immediately? Do you remember when you took that first bite and it seemed as if all your senses came to life? If I asked you what it was you can tell me the time and place.  When people taste our marshmallows they are reminded that life needs a little sweetness and joy can be found in the most unassuming things.” – Lydia Ray

Grab A Bag


Photo Credit: Powder Monkey Cayman

Powder Monkey Marshmallows are available for purchase at Kirks Market, National Trust Nature Store and Cayman Spirits Company.

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Photo Credit: Powder Monkey Cayman