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What Does Your $2 Morning Coffee Cost Planet Blue?

Good Morning from Toronto! Today all you coffee lovers and Eco Chic friends are in for a real treat! One of my good friends, Tiffany is featured today as Eco Chic Cayman’s guest blogger!   Enjoy her lovely article! Ask anyone who knows me and they’ll tell you that I drink a lot of coffee. Java Juice fuels my hectic dual student-career lifestyle. But every time I walk into my neighborhood Starbucks & say my round of “good mornings” to the team of Baristas who know me & my schedule almost better than I do, I’m haunted by guilt. I forgot the re-usable tumbler…again. Here goes another cup & sleeve against my carbon footprint. Even if they are made of recycled and/or bio-friendly materials, paper cups and sleeves still need to be produced and this impacts our planet. Americans are the leading consumers of coffee in the world collectively drinking 400 million cups of coffee per day or around 146 billion cups of coffee per year; if you buy just one cup of coffee in a disposable …

Eco Fashion: Para De Sol Cayman Islands

It is always lovely to hear about eco friendly products here in the Cayman Islands.  Back in April I had the pleasure of meeting Helene Anziska, the creative mind, along with her international design team, behind these lovely parasols.  Para De Sol creates beautiful and unique parasols that are eco friendly.  These lovely parasols are all ” handmade from beautiful rice paper, bamboo and cotton string. They are 100% environmentally friendly and completely biodegradable.” (Para De Sol). When you get a chance visit their store and check out their eco chic and eco friendly parasols.  Set an eco fashion trend with your handmade parasol.  Support local and support sustainability.  These unique parasols are versatile they can be used for the beach, decorative, a gift or wedding accessory. Support Para De Sol visit their website and support Para De Sol on Facebook. Be sure to get your eco friendly parasol this summer for those long beach days. From one eco fashion lover to another xo