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Birthday Wishes, With Love From Boston xo

  Hello from Boston! Today I am celebrating my birthday in my favorite city, Boston.  A little birthday tradition of mine is to help create awareness for some amazing charities.  This year, since I am in Boston I would like to give some love and attention to some incredible charities here.  I can’t forget about home, so I will also be sharing three of my favorite charities in the Cayman Islands which I have had the privilege of working with for some years now. Birthdays, tend to be days of reflection…  I just want to be able to say that I have lived and know that I gave this life all I had.  I have traveled and that has been grand! I am truly blessed to have met so many incredible people in this life.  I look forward to more of life’s adventures and I can’t wait to meet more wonderful people along the way.  I am so very thankful for my friends — they are the family we choose.  My family is the best, …

City Lights & Skylines

  Poetry month is almost over.  A little while ago, I took the Poetry Saturday Challenge by My Happy Coincidence.  Unfortunately, I missed last week’s post, so here it is.  Better late than never.  This poem is inspired by the love for art, and wandering through cities. I hope you like it. The photos are snapshots of Boston, one of my favorite cities. Enjoy! with love, xo