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A Pumpkin Full Of Posies

  Trying to come up with new holiday decorations is always a fun challenge. After buying a pumpkin to decorate for the month of October, I thought about how I could repurpose that old pumpkin… What was once my Cinderella Themed Pumpkin has now become my Thanksgiving inspired pumpkin. I chose to write this month’s blog theme onto the pumpkin, “give thanks & give with love.” It seemed seasonally appropriate. The Pumpkin Makeover Step 1: Carve out the pumpkin. Originally, I didn’t carve out the pumpkin. Step2 : Decorate. I spray painted the pumpkin with a gold metallic spray. Hiding the original inscription, and modernizing the gemstones previously there. Step 3: Stuff the pumpkin with some brightly colored flowers. Carnations are great, they tend to last quite a long time. Step 4: Write an inscription. Snapshots with love, xo

Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas

  Sparta was helping while I did some pumpkin decorating. Some last minute pumpkin decorating ideas, I chose not to do a traditional scary pumpkin for Halloween. ┬áPersonally, they just creep me out.   Black Lace Pumpkin Simply done, all you need to do is repurpose some black lace and wrap it around the pumpkin. I used leftover lace, as a table runner. The Fairy Tale Pumpkin I stuck some rhinestones onto the pumpkin, and used a gold metallic marker to write the inscription. ┬áThere you have it, a Cinderella themed pumpkin.