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A Pumpkin Full Of Posies

  Trying to come up with new holiday decorations is always a fun challenge. After buying a pumpkin to decorate for the month of October, I thought about how I could repurpose that old pumpkin… What was once my Cinderella Themed Pumpkin has now become my Thanksgiving inspired pumpkin. I chose to write this month’s blog theme onto the pumpkin, “give thanks & give with love.” It seemed seasonally appropriate. The Pumpkin Makeover Step 1: Carve out the pumpkin. Originally, I didn’t carve out the pumpkin. Step2 : Decorate. I spray painted the pumpkin with a gold metallic spray. Hiding the original inscription, and modernizing the gemstones previously there. Step 3: Stuff the pumpkin with some brightly colored flowers. Carnations are great, they tend to last quite a long time. Step 4: Write an inscription. Snapshots with love, xo

Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas

  Sparta was helping while I did some pumpkin decorating. Some last minute pumpkin decorating ideas, I chose not to do a traditional scary pumpkin for Halloween.  Personally, they just creep me out.   Black Lace Pumpkin Simply done, all you need to do is repurpose some black lace and wrap it around the pumpkin. I used leftover lace, as a table runner. The Fairy Tale Pumpkin I stuck some rhinestones onto the pumpkin, and used a gold metallic marker to write the inscription.  There you have it, a Cinderella themed pumpkin.