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Down The Rabbit Hole: A Day Trip to Oxford

    Oxford is a magical place. It’s no wonder Lewis Carroll was inspired to write the equally enchanting adventures of Alice in Wonderland here. Here, in a place not more than two short hours from the bustle of London, even the River Thames is quelled by the English countryside’s mystic green. But don’t be mistaken, Oxford isn’t a sleepy green hollow for shisha smoking catapillars. It’s heart beats in synchronicity with London’s as commuter trains connecting the two pump life both in and out. Gaining speed as they rush towards the capital, the trains transform, much like the river, into a proper London rush before turning around to carry escapees to a quieter reality (or wonderland). Oxford’s magic is in its dual identity of countryside haven and bustling academic epicentre. But whether you are a London day-tripper or a resident Oxford student the city provides all the escape you need. A stroll through the university’s Botanical Gardens will inspire your imagination as you gaze at ferne leaves bigger than yourself with stems as round …

Entering The World Of Tumblr

I am pleased to announce that Eco Chic Cayman is now on Tumblr.  You can follow me here I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole, as I venture into this new sphere of social media and the blogging world.  However, I look forward to the new social media adventure that is the world of Tumblr.  Yes, I know, I am joining this very cool social media outlet super late in life, so please forgive me.   Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!   with love, xo