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Pledge To Love Planet Earth: Earth Day 2015

Happy Earth Day everyone! Earth Day was founded by Gaylord Nelson in 1970.  Today marks the 45th anniversary of what is considered the birth of a modern environmental movement.  The aim was to encourage emerging consciousness of environmental movements and inspire individuals to rally together to take a stand for the environment, pushing environmental concerns to the forefront, and become the focus of discussion and news stories. Today, in honor of Earth Day, friends, family and co-workers can take an Earth Day challenge and pledge to commit to one or more of these easy to keep green resolutions. During Earth Week, we become more conscious of the environment and our impact on the planet. We get into “green mode” anticipating celebrating Earth Day and feel inspired to be as environmentally responsible as possible.  These 5 green resolutions are easy to do, and will help you to contribute to making a positive impact on planet earth, this Earth Day. Earth Day Challenge: 5 Green Resolutions 1. Get Unplugged I often talk about the necessity to unplug electronic devices when …

Meatless Monday

  It’s Earth Week!  To kickoff the week, let’s start out with joining the movement, known as “Meatless Monday.” For all of you whole love bacon and eggs, a good burger, or steak, consider giving up meat for one day out of the week. Join the global movement known as “Meatless Monday” and go vegetarian or vegan for just one day out of the week, Monday. The planet will thank you for it. This challenge can be fun, you can get creative in the kitchen. I love to cook and find new recipes on Pinterest.  Feel free to explore the world of Pinterest for vegan and vegetarian meals, going meatless for one day doesn’t have to be a burden. Special thanks to Daybreak 27, for the opportunity to talk about Meatless Monday.  You can watch my interview with Edlyn Ruiz, click here. Meatless Monday was launched in 2003 in collaboration with the Center for a Livable Future (CLF) at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. The goal behind the movement is to reduce meat consumption by 15% …

Entering The World Of Tumblr

I am pleased to announce that Eco Chic Cayman is now on Tumblr.  You can follow me here I feel like I just fell down the rabbit hole, as I venture into this new sphere of social media and the blogging world.  However, I look forward to the new social media adventure that is the world of Tumblr.  Yes, I know, I am joining this very cool social media outlet super late in life, so please forgive me.   Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!   with love, xo