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Organic Food In Your Backyard

    Choosing fresh organic food is a way of life.   One way to ensure that your food is organic is by growing it yourself.  At the beginning of summer I embarked on growing my own little food garden.  There has been some success, and some fails.  Overall, I’m writing it down as learning.  I have yet to get lemon seeds to grow into lush lemon trees.  I absolutely love lemons!  I always add them to a tall glass of ice cold  water.  Unfortunately, when I try planting the lemon seeds they never seem to want to grow, which is a shame.   My hope is that eventually, I will have a lemon tree in my backyard.  I have to admit limes are just not the same thing lol In the picture above, you can see that I have successfully grown mint from a packet of seeds.   I just love the fresh scent of mint.   Though I am not a fan of mojitos, mint is great for making some fun flavored mojitos …

Eco Chic Shabby: Home Decor and Gardening

Here are a few ideas to get an eco chic shabby look for your home decor and gardening.  Being eco chic is all about thinking up creative ways to recycle, repurpose and reuse. 1. Glass Jar Repurposed Vase  You can repurpose glass jars as a vase for your flowers for that eco chic shabby look.  Repurpose a wooden crate to add some flare to the flower arrangement.  This look is great for outdoor patios and backyard dining. Tip: Repurpose glass jars with candles.  It looks fabulous as outdoor lighting for a dinner party on the patio. 2. Flower Ladder Repurpose an old or out of use ladder as an art piece in your garden.  Place different flower arrangements on each level of the ladder.  You can do this with herbs as well. 3. Crate of Flowers Finally, you can repurpose old crates to plant flowers in or herbs.