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Bella Noya

  Talya Meltem is the founder of Bella Noya, a collection of beautiful handcrafted jewelry. Talya pursued her dream of having a career in fashion by studying at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in San Fransisco (FIDM) to later start her own jewelry line.  Her collection is greatly inspired by the Caribbean.  Talya in her own right is an artist as she handcrafts jewelry into works of art.  She takes great care in selecting materials, composing and curating the pieces that will be used in her collection(s).  At 27, Talya is an accomplished jewelry designer,  creating signature pieces that reflect her inspirations and influences at a particular moment in time.  She looks forward to creating a new collection to debut later this year, capturing the essence of new inspirations she draws from.  For Talya, jewelry making is her form of art.  As she grows as an artist/jewelry designer and continues to find new sources of inspiration her collections and style will reflect that. Q&A with Talya Meltem 1. What is the meaning behind …