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Juice Bars + Summer Days

  Drinking all natural & 100% organic juices and smoothies that are full of flavor and jam-packed with healthy benefits is very in vogue right now- just as it should be.  Cayman is very blessed to have the one and only lovely Jessie’s Juice Bar located at Camana Bay.  The juice bar is stocked with vibrant fresh fruit and veggie juices, along with tasty savory eats and yummy treats.  It is the perfect place to stop by for a healthy lunch or smoothie while on the go. The decor is just fabulous! As it is very eco chic and environment friendly.  You will instantly fall in love with this place.  It is such a treat to find a place that repurposes items, and incorporates being environmentally responsible into their decor.  Overall, Jessie’s Juice Bar really sets the bar.  Simply put it is a wonderful local hot spot. Perhaps the essence of Jessie’s Juice bar is that it is a family run business which truly cares about offering fresh and healthy food and drink options.  Items …

Recycle glass bottles in Cayman at Camana Bay

Some great news Cayman! If you haven’t heard already…. You can recycle your glass bottles at the Camana Bay Recycling Center!! They also recycle cans.  So if you can’t repurpose your wine bottles, glass bottles and jars then please don’t discard them to only end up in a landfill, instead drop them off at the Camana Bay Recycling Center. Glass Stats & Facts: 1. Glass bottles dropped off at the Camana Bay Recycling Center are recycled into building materials. -Pretty Awesome- 2. The recycling machine at Camana Bay can crush 1,500 pounds of glass per hour. 3. Glass represents 10% of all the waste generated in Cayman. Please choose to be environmentally responsible  and recycle your glass bottles and jars.  Thank you Camana Bay for starting this recycling initiative! From one planet lover to another xo Resources: