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The Importance of Sustainable Farms

Happy Farmer Friday! A short but sweet post.  I came across this great little video discussion about the future of sustainable farming.  The video draws attention to important points to consider when comparing small farms and big farms.  It is quite insightful and worth spending a few minutes to watch.  Enjoy! Eco Fact: “Currently, 2 Billion people rely on smallholder farms for their food.”   Have a lovely weekend! with love, from one tree hugger to another, xo    

Sustainable Farming

It’s Farmer Friday! Today’s post is a short but sweet one.  I came across a pretty insightful TEDx Talk about sustainable farming and why it matters.  It is definitely worth checking out! I was never really one for economics, was not my favorite class in University by any means, but I got through it… The beginning of the talk gets into the economics but stick with it, the analogies are good and make a lot of sense.  Overall, a really good Tedx Talk about sustainable farming. Enjoy! Sustainable Farming Please support your local farmers and buy local whenever possible.                 Have a lovely weekend! With love from one tree hugger to another, xo