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Repurposed Roses Part 2: How to make homemade potpourri

    Part 1 of repurposing roses was my 50th post! So blessed to have 50 posts on the blog, and I hope all of you that support Eco Chic Cayman are enjoying the posts. xo. So round 2 of repurposing roses. In addition to making rosewater you can also choose to make homemade potpourri.  Potpourri can easily be incorporated into your home decor. Steps to making homemade potpourri  1. Allow roses to dry over a period of days. 2. Remove rose petals 3. Place in a fun bowl or vase to change things up 4. Optional- Add Essential Rose Oil to fragrance the dried petals.   Alternatively, you can always keep the dried roses in a vase or recycle a wine bottle as a feature piece in your kitchen, living room or guest room.

Repurposed Roses Part1: How to make homemade rosewater

As promised here is my post on how to make homemade rosewater.  Rosewater acts as a natural facial cleanser and toner.  Some say that rosewater helps keep you looking younger… who knows.  One  benefit of using rosewater as a part of your daily beauty regime is that it can help reduce redness from irritated skin.     Steps to making homemade rosewater  1. Remove rose petals 2. Boil rose petals until the color is drained from the petals 3. Strain the water to keep petals out 4. Pour into a recycled/repurposed glass bottle 5. Store in fridge to keep cool (lasts probably about 3 days or so)        Have a lovely weekend! with love xo