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Top 5 Easy To Keep Green Resolutions

  I would like to take this moment to thank Daybreak 27  for having me as a guest on their show this morning.  It was a huge honor! Thank you! This new year take the pledge to go green or go greener! Going green is a lifestyle choice. It is making a commitment to live environmentally responsible- and it’s easy to do. Even small changes towards living a green lifestyle will make a positive impact on the environment. I think we have a moral obligation to live as environmentally responsibly as we possibly can. If you look at it this way the environment acts as our life-support system and it’s key to our survival. So every time we inflict harm on the planet we are essentially hurting ourselves- and that is not a good thing. Make a Green Pledge Pledge to commit to 1 or more of these easy to do eco-friendly lifestyle choices. Top 5 Easy Ways to Go Green in 2015! 1. Recycle Recycling is probably not only the easiest green pledge to …

Sustainable Farming

It’s Farmer Friday! Today’s post is a short but sweet one.  I came across a pretty insightful TEDx Talk about sustainable farming and why it matters.  It is definitely worth checking out! I was never really one for economics, was not my favorite class in University by any means, but I got through it… The beginning of the talk gets into the economics but stick with it, the analogies are good and make a lot of sense.  Overall, a really good Tedx Talk about sustainable farming. Enjoy! Sustainable Farming Please support your local farmers and buy local whenever possible.                 Have a lovely weekend! With love from one tree hugger to another, xo

Summer Heat Rising + Electricity Bills Skyrocketing

Summer the absolute best time of the year.  The only downer about summer is the rising electricity bills.  It doesn’t help that thanks to climate change and global warming we are experiencing more intense summer heat around the globe, not to mention other irregularities in the weather like more droughts, tornadoes, and intense hurricanes. Here in Cayman our glorious summer days whilst for the most part a blessing, it can be a curse, for instance the impact it has on our electricity bills,- you just can’t not run your air conditioning when living on an island (unless our famous Christmas breeze is waltzing through, then the A/C is trumped by the cool salty sea breeze). Here are 10 Eco Tips that may help you lower your electricity bill or  at least help you avoid having your bill drastically increase over the summer. Eco Tips For Saving Energy + Keeping Your Electricity Bill Manageable 1, Turn off the A/C when you are not home.  A/C is one of the biggest energy consumers. A/C is a must for …