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Eco Chic Cayman

Eco Chic Cayman T-Shirt Giveaway

Photo Credit: Lori Speirs I am delighted to announce Eco Chic Cayman’s first ever T-shirt giveaway! In honor of  Earth Hour, 25th March 2017, I am giving away an “Earth [Limited Edition]” t-shirt from my 2017 collection.  The t-shirt was designed by Eco Chic Cayman and printed by Stoak’d Cayman.  Huge thanks to the guys at Stoak’d Cayman! Stay tuned for an upcoming feature about the talented guys at Stoak’d Cayman. About Earth Hour Earth Hour is celebrating 10 years on 25th March 2017.  Countries from all over the world come together in solidarity, whereby participants of this global event switch off lights for 1 hour (8:30pm-9:30pm local time) to help raise awareness on climate change.  Many participating countries turn off lights of iconic buildings, landmarks and monuments.  To learn more about Earth Hour click here, To celebrate Earth Hour here in Cayman, The National Trust for the Cayman Islands will be hosting Earth Hour: Picnic in the Dark at 6:00pm at Dart Park, South Sound.  It is an awesome event!  Check out their Facebook page …