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Ellen Cuylaerts: A Legend in the making

Today, marks International Women’s Day.  A day to celebrate the accomplishments of women and to empower others. On Women’s Day I think it is important that we take time to support one another and acknowledge those who each day are doing their part to make a positive impact in the world, support those who are lifting others up, support those who are working hard to improve the lives of others and their communities, support those who use their voices to speak up about issues that matter to them and embrace their calling and passion to make a positive difference in the world.  They are every day heroes and legends.  We rise by lifting others up and there is so much power in unity.  There is so much beauty in supporting and celebrating the accomplishments of those who inspire and empower us.  I am so proud to see so many of the strong women in my life, from my sister to friends and my personal heroes, all who I admire for working so hard to achieve …

Sea of Hope: Preserving the Heart of our Planet

  Photo Credit: National Geographic SEA OF HOPE follows iconic ocean explorer and conservationist Dr. Sylvia Earle, renowned underwater photographer Brian Skerry, author and captain Max Kennedy, and their unlikely crew of teenage aquanauts on a year-long quest to secure their future. Deploying science and photography, they hope to inspire the creation of blue parks across an unseen and imperiled American wilderness. It was an absolute honor to be published in Mission Blue’s Ocean Stories.  Please visit their website to read my full article Sea of Hope: Preserving the Heart of our Planet.  Sea of Hope is airing 15th January 2017 on National Geographic. Photo Credit: Ellen Cuylaerts