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Melted Snowman

Even though Christmas is now officially over, I would still like to share a fun and festive way to repurpose wine bottles.  I love to reuse them as chic water bottles.  For my Christmas Eve dinner party, I borrowed this idea from one of my best friends.  For tags I used business cards, and ribbon I had left over from previous Christmases.  What’s great is the tags can easily be used next Christmas. With love, xo

Eco Chic Water Bottles

Living on an island means it is essential that we do our best to preserve the environment.  Having the luxury of living on an island means you have an amazing scenic background to enjoy a glass of wine, with friends and family.  Once, you have finished enjoying that bottle of wine, responsibly, don’t toss out the bottle.  Instead, rethink the way you reuse, and repurpose the wine bottle. You can be eco chic by transforming that wine bottle into a fancy water bottle.  Use it to serve water to guests at a dinner party, outdoor lunch with your family, and friends.  Each table can have it’s own bottle of water on hand.  You can also use your repurposed wine bottles as a water bottle for every day use.  You can remove the label if you want a simple sleek look for the bottle or keep the label for some character. I personally have saved a few wine bottles, over time, and repurposed them to store water.  It’s a great way to always have cool water …