International Polar Bear Day!

polar bear

Today is International Polar Bear Day! Ok, so we may not have polar bears in Cayman, but that does not mean we can’t still celebrate.  Last year for Christmas I was truly blessed, I received one of the best gifts ever!!! One of my best friends gave me a polar bear for Christmas… well adopted one on my behalf.  Forever I will be thankful for their kindness and efforts to help polar bears.  It is a gift I truly treasure, my very own polar bear and the photo above is my little polar bear.

What does the can of coca cola have to do with all of this, well you can check out World Wildlife Fund’s website and see how Coca Cola is helping WWF to raise money for polar bears.  That’s right your purchase of coca cola helps polar bears, even if it is only a small percentage of the proceeds, the fact remains every little bit helps.  While you are checking out WWF website maybe you will be inspired to adopt a polar bear either for yourself or someone you know who loves polar bears.

Save polar bears and be green too, yep that’s possible.  It’s super easy if you find yourself purchasing a can or bottle of coke make sure you recycle it when you are done.