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What a blessing it is to call an island home.  No matter where you are in the world or what place you call home chances are that is where your heart is.  When you think of home, two things come to mind your love for your home, and a need to protect it.  With this in mind, do what you can to help protect the environment.  Below are 7 tips to live an eco chic lifestyle. 

1. Use energy efficient appliances, such as brands like Energy Star.  Bonus: using energy efficient appliances help reduce your electricity bill while helping the planet.

P.S.- When you are not using your appliances or energy consuming products like your tv, computer, phone charger, etc in addition to turning them off when not in use, remember to unplug these items.  It actually makes a difference in your  savings on your electricity bill, even if it is a small amount.  When electric items are turned off and still plugged in they are still using electricity.

2. Use energy efficient lightbulbs.  Remember when you are not using your lights turn them off, this helps save on your electricity bill.

3. Use eco friendly shower heads, sinks and taps that will help reduce the amount of water you use.

4. Add a plant to your home decor.  Some plants like Aloe Vera, Boston Fern, English Ivy and Gerbera Daisy help to remove toxins and purify the air.

5.  Recycle your trash.  Do your best to categorize your trash into  recycle groups like cans, plastic, glass, cardboard and waste.  Fruits and vegetables that were gonna end up in the trash instead can be used to make your own mulch or compost in your backyard.  This will  help provide nutrients for your outdoor plants.  Remember fruits and veggies are biodegradable.

6.  Use eco friendly cleaning products to clean your house.

7.  Turn you A/C off when you aren’t home.  There is no point running the A/C if you are not there to enjoy it.


Finally, loving your home is respecting the environment.  One of the best ways you can take care of your home is to protect the environment.



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