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Earth Hour 2013… Lights Out…




Countdown until Earth Hour: 8:30pm tonight-Lights Out-

With the words of Howie Day, “Is it dark where you are, can you count the stars where you are” from his song The Longest Night.  It makes you think how awesome it would be if everyone participated in Earth Hour tonight.  If the only light you could see amongst the concrete jungles in cities, was scattered candlelight in the windows of skyscraper buildings.  The city, your town, the road you live on, wherever you find yourself, just for one hour turned out the lights in honor of celebrating this amazing planet God blessed us with.  You could walk around outside and not be drawn in by the city lights, or neon lights, but the stars spread out like a mosaic of lights in the sky.  This is how I picture Earth Hour.

13 Creative ways to spend Earth Hour….

1. Boardgames or card games by candlelight

2. Listening to music in the dark

3. Write a story or poem by candlelight

4. Play hide and seek in the dark, no matter your age it is still fun

5. Eat dinner outside by candlelight

6. Star gaze, lay down on a lounge chair by your pool, a towel on the beach, or just walk around and look at the stars.

7. Reflect on Earth Hour

8. Invite your neighbors for an Earth Hour Potluck dinner

9. The lost art of writing.. write a letter/postcard to a friend or family member

10. Arts and Crafts by candlelight, or just old fashioned painting a canvas

11. Camp out in your backyard, build a fort with blankets and towels.  Tell stories or reminisce. Make s’mores.

12. Go to an outdoor concert. Acoustic music and candlelight.

13. Safely use some sparklers, and create awesome photographs to capture how you spent Earth Hour.  Try long exposure photos.


Eco Chic Candles for Earth Hour

If you are lighting candles for Earth Hour, you can recycle/reuse old jam jars or any other type of glass jar to hold your candle.


Happy Earth Hour!

With love from one planet lover to another xo