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Sea of Life: We Have The Power To Restore Balance

It is a huge honor to share with you our feature on Sea of Life documentary, a film debut by Julia Barnes.  Her documentary has won prestiges awards from International Film Festivals including: Winner Award of Merit Impact Doc Awards, Winner of Emerging Filmmakers Ontario 150 Film Challenge Water Docs, and the Cayman Islands very own Cayfilm. Filmmaker Julia Barnes spent over 3 years and visited seven countries to film her documentary.  The driving force that inspired Julia Barnes to make this documentary was from watching Rob Stewart’s documentary Revolution.  At 16 years old, Julia’s journey of filming her first documentary began and is a true inspiration.  Her bravery and tenacity is admirable.  She is a hero for committing to her passion for conservation, raising awareness about environmental issues and sharing what she learned through her documentary.  At the heart of her film, Sea of Life “dives into some of the most spectacular ecosystems on the planet, exposing both the destruction that’s happening in the ocean and the efforts underway to stop it,” says Julia …

Eco Documentary: Fragile Cayman

Photo Credit: Michael Maes (Spotted Eagle Ray) Yesterday I had the privilege of watching an incredible Eco Documentary called Fragile Cayman directed and produced by Michael Maes, a fellow environmental enthusiast.  Michael  is also a diver and photographer extraordinaire, here in the Cayman Islands.  His short but powerful documentary, which was featured in the Cayman Islands Underwater Film Festival of 2012, is comprised of  absolutely stunning cinematography and a montage of incredible shots, which truly capture the essence and beauty of our ocean- specifically in Cayman waters.  The scene with the stingrays at Stingray City was just lovely! The Spotted Eagle Ray just gorgeous, my absolute favorite scenes. For me, it was like watching a silent movie, just a story told through motion pictures accompanied by instrumental music.  Watching the film you can’t help but question, why on earth would anyone not want to save the environment and protect the ocean.  Just watching the amazing footage you are completely mesmerized by the fundamental beauty that is our ocean and the marine life which resides there.  …

Gasland… a documentary about “fracking”

Last night I watched an amazing documentary called Gasland by Josh Fox.  I highly recommend watching it.  I learned so much about what is commonly known as fracking.  It is scary the amount of water contamination that is a result of fracking.  Josh Fox did an amazing job with this documentary. Here is the trailer for Gasland.  This movie can be rented/purchased on iTunes. Enjoy!