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Eco Documentary: Fragile Cayman

2012 - CITA Underwater Videography Competition

Photo Credit: Michael Maes (Spotted Eagle Ray)

Yesterday I had the privilege of watching an incredible Eco Documentary called Fragile Cayman directed and produced by Michael Maes, a fellow environmental enthusiast.  Michael  is also a diver and photographer extraordinaire, here in the Cayman Islands.  His short but powerful documentary, which was featured in the Cayman Islands Underwater Film Festival of 2012, is comprised of  absolutely stunning cinematography and a montage of incredible shots, which truly capture the essence and beauty of our ocean- specifically in Cayman waters.  The scene with the stingrays at Stingray City was just lovely! The Spotted Eagle Ray just gorgeous, my absolute favorite scenes.

For me, it was like watching a silent movie, just a story told through motion pictures accompanied by instrumental music.  Watching the film you can’t help but question, why on earth would anyone not want to save the environment and protect the ocean.  Just watching the amazing footage you are completely mesmerized by the fundamental beauty that is our ocean and the marine life which resides there.  It breaks my heart when I see nature at its finest and then think of all the damage and havoc that is being wreaked on the ocean, animals and the planet.  Oil spills is one of the first things that come to mind, and the cruel shark finning industry.

Overall, this film serves as a reminder to implore everyone that if we don’t work together to protect the ocean and the environment, this is the beauty that will be lost forever.  It also draws attention to what beauty that is left intact is fragile and there is an urgency to preserve it.  The grandeur that is found beneath the sea is irreplaceable, and we can’t afford to continue down a destructive path which affects the ocean, and our very vulnerable eco system.

Michael’s primary aim for making this beautiful film was to send an important message to the world and that is “protecting the environment for the future (children)” (Maes).  In addition, the film creates awareness for another important issue regarding the ocean and its beauty and that is for people in general, divers, snorkelers, underwater photographers and videographers should all respect the ocean’s environment and “NOT touch or move wildlife in order to get the shot” (Maes).  Unfortunately, many times individuals break this ocean rule and the consequence is it has “a damaging or lethal effect to the animals” (Maes).

Please take the time and enjoy this wonderful film, though short it speaks volumes, addressing the issue that our environment is worth saving, restoring and preserving for not only ourselves but for future generations.  The wildlife and gorgeous scenic shots in this film remind us how fragile the beauty of our environment is and if we are not careful one day it will become a memory.  So we need to strive together to show more respect to our planet and the animals.

Here is the highly anticipated Fragile Cayman http://vimeo.com/53272174

A special thanks to Michael Maes for producing this extraordinary video capturing the essence of the ocean and wildlife.  A job well done and an incredible film with stunning cinematography!

For more information about this film and others please visit Michael Maes Facebook


Or check out his website www.michaelmaesvideography.com



Michael Maes

Photo Credit: Michael Maes “Spotted Eagle Ray”

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