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Masquerade, Masquerade!

  Who doesn’t love a Masquerade Ball?  A night filled with mystery, intrigue and enchantment.  On October 11th, The Cayman Islands Humane Society held their first “Tops & Tails Masquerade Ball.”  It was an honor to be a part of the CIHS Fundraising Committee, together we created a spectacular event to benefit the cats and dogs at the shelter.   I met some of the most amazing people, and everyone was so lovely to work with.  A great team effort! As part of the CIHS Fundraising Committee, my best friend Michelle, and I volunteered to help with decorations.  We make an amazing creative team and had a blast working all hours of the night making these decorations. Our Masquerade Inspirations & Decorations The Teasers As a means of promoting the event, I came up with a series of promotional teasers to add to the element of intrigue about the event. Teasers Gallery   Setting The Stage Michelle came up with the fantastic idea to put together a montage of masquerade scenes and make our very own …

Champagne + Polariod’s

Post New Year’s, Birthdays or any celebration which requires a bottle of Champagne, consider keeping the corks to use later for displaying polaroid photos.  You can also use regular 4×6 photos.  Below are some samples of polariods displayed on recycled champagne corks. The photos of New York and Toronto, as you can tell are not a polariod per se.  I thought it would be fun to recreate the polaroid, and add in some design elements.  When throwing a birthday bash, dinner party, or event consider displaying photos on repurposed champagne corks to personalize your event. with love from one tree hugger to another, xo