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Masquerade, Masquerade!



Who doesn’t love a Masquerade Ball?  A night filled with mystery, intrigue and enchantment.  On October 11th, The Cayman Islands Humane Society held their first “Tops & Tails Masquerade Ball.”  It was an honor to be a part of the CIHS Fundraising Committee, together we created a spectacular event to benefit the cats and dogs at the shelter.   I met some of the most amazing people, and everyone was so lovely to work with.  A great team effort!

As part of the CIHS Fundraising Committee, my best friend Michelle, and I volunteered to help with decorations.  We make an amazing creative team and had a blast working all hours of the night making these decorations.

Our Masquerade Inspirations & Decorations

The Teasers

CIHS teaser 1 OctAs a means of promoting the event, I came up with a series of promotional teasers to add to the element of intrigue about the event.

Teasers Gallery


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Setting The Stage

Michelle came up with the fantastic idea to put together a montage of masquerade scenes and make our very own masquerade silent film.  It was pure awesomeness!

Be Our Guest 

Another wonderful idea Michelle had for the centerpieces was to repurpose tree branches to give an enchanted forest feel to the atmosphere.  It was a few all nighters putting together the centerpieces, but so worth it!  As a collaborative effort, I thought to distinguish tables, the reserved tables would have top hats, keeping with our “Tops & Tails” theme.   A signature piece at any masquerade ball is red roses and candle stick holders.  Between the lighting and the mirror, the string of gems and beads hanging from the tree branches looked magical.   Of course, masquerade masks were added to each table for full effect.


If you are wondering how to recreate our enchanted tree centerpiece, here is how you do it.

You will need: tree branches, spray paint black and gold, tumbler glasses, plaster of paris, fishing line, gems or beads, black and gold glitter.

Step 1: Spray paint the tree branch black, and add touches of black glitter (optional).

Step 2: String beads and gems to fishing lines.  Use various lengths and hang on different branches.

Step 3: Fill tumbler glass with plaster of paris, this makes a great base for the tree branch.  Hold branch for 5- 10 mins and let it set in plaster.

Step4: Spray paint base gold, and add gold glitter inside of base.



The Photo Booth



The Masquerade Ball was a great success! It benefited the loving cats and dogs at the shelter.  For more information about the Humane Society or if you are interested in adopting one of the lovely animals there please visit their Facebook page or website.

With love, from one animal lover to another, xo

Below: Is a picture of me and my bestie Michelle.  It was a blast working with you on the decorations for this event.














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