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Give Thanks + Give With Love

    Hello Sweet November! November is home to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving Day!  First off, I am very thankful for this “fall” salty sea breeze!  This is as close as it gets for us in Cayman to fall/winter weather.  Lets be real, it gets as cold as 70’s-80’s, nevertheless it is a wonderful cool breeze. I am hoping this cool wind sticks around right into the new year.  For some of us we need to break out the sweaters.  I have been missing Toronto and my winter wardrobe, so now I finally have an excuse to start wearing my sweaters and blazers.  This is my favorite time of year.  The air has changed.  It feels like something different is in the air, something magical.  I guess it is just the wonder and enchantment of this time of year, as soon as the sea breeze rolls in the countdown to the holidays and all the magic they hold begins.  I have already been pinning recipes to try out for this year’s thanksgiving dinner, and so far …

Last Minute Pumpkin Ideas

  Sparta was helping while I did some pumpkin decorating. Some last minute pumpkin decorating ideas, I chose not to do a traditional scary pumpkin for Halloween.  Personally, they just creep me out.   Black Lace Pumpkin Simply done, all you need to do is repurpose some black lace and wrap it around the pumpkin. I used leftover lace, as a table runner. The Fairy Tale Pumpkin I stuck some rhinestones onto the pumpkin, and used a gold metallic marker to write the inscription.  There you have it, a Cinderella themed pumpkin.          

Happy Thanksgiving Canada xo

  Happy Thanksgiving Canada! xo Growing up I celebrated the American Thanksgiving, and since living in Toronto I now celebrate Thanksgiving twice a year! Thank you Canada.  Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year.  What I love most about this holiday is that Thanksgiving is a whole day dedicated to spending time with family and friends and more importantly to reflect on what we are most thankful for.  At Thanksgiving dinner my family would go around the table and say at least one thing we were thankful for, and that is how I think of Thanksgiving.  A time to reflect on our blessings. There is so much to be thankful for in this world.  Just walking down a nature trail, shows you how beautiful this world is.  Being surrounded by trees that seem to touch the sky, and are transforming into gorgeous earth tones and gold, can really put things into perspective.  We really are so small in this world, yet we make the hugest impact on the environment.  Our planet deserves so much …