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Give Thanks + Give With Love




Hello Sweet November!

November is home to my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving Day!  First off, I am very thankful for this “fall” salty sea breeze!  This is as close as it gets for us in Cayman to fall/winter weather.  Lets be real, it gets as cold as 70’s-80’s, nevertheless it is a wonderful cool breeze. I am hoping this cool wind sticks around right into the new year.  For some of us we need to break out the sweaters.  I have been missing Toronto and my winter wardrobe, so now I finally have an excuse to start wearing my sweaters and blazers.  This is my favorite time of year.  The air has changed.  It feels like something different is in the air, something magical.  I guess it is just the wonder and enchantment of this time of year, as soon as the sea breeze rolls in the countdown to the holidays and all the magic they hold begins.  I have already been pinning recipes to try out for this year’s thanksgiving dinner, and so far success.  I am also very excited about making decorations for all the upcoming festivities.

This month, I would like to set a theme for the blog, and that is “Give Thanks + Give With Love.”  I hope you all will stay tuned for upcoming blog posts keeping with the theme.  Yes, there will be some posts on how to make your own eco friendly Thanksgiving Decorations, for all of you who love to get your hands dirty in glitter.

If we all just take a moment, we will quickly realize, there are a million and one things to thank God for.  This month, I challenge you all to keep in mind all the blessings you have, and everything in your life you are most thankful for.


with love, xo




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