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A Very Merry Vintage Christmas

This Christmas I am embracing a little old nostalgia and I am having ‘A Very Merry Vintage Christmas’.  Last year I never got around to making a snow globe, however this year is a whole different story.  An easy to make eco chic snow globe can be used either as a decoration around the house or as a fun stocking stuffer. What you will need:  a recycled glass jar and lid (peanut/ almond butter jars are best), glitter, a plastic decoration ( I used a cake topper from Christmas past that I kept as a keepsake), and a glue gun. How to make your own: Step 1. Glue the decoration to the inside of the jar lid, this will be your focal point. Step 2. Once the focal point has dried, fill jar with water and add a few sprinkles of glitter.  I choose blue, to make it a little less ordinary. Step 3. Seal lid tightly, shake and watch the snow globe magic unfold.   Have fun!   Merry Christmas! with love, xo

Glisten. Glitter. Glow.

  The countdown to Thanksgiving Day has begun! Did I mention it is my favorite holiday of all time?  I love the idea of dedicating a day to gratitude and thanks.  It’s been a rainy day, so I put on some Christmas tunes and started making some eco friendly Thanksgiving decorations. Glisten. A plate of thanksgiving.  I spray painted a plastic plate, which I picked up from the dollar aisle at Foster’s Food Fair.  I printed out my thanksgiving message which came from a Pinterest inspired project, my bestie Michelle sent me. Follow the directions for some transfer paper, with a sticky adhesive.  Voila! Glitter.   An easy way to repurpose and reuse pine cones for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, is to sprinkle some glitter on to add a little sparkle. The pine cones were placed in a glass jar, for display and then glitter was added.  After the holidays, the glitter will be easy to pour out and store for future use. Glow. I have fallen in love with LED lights, battery operated style! The …

A Pot of Gold

  I hope everyone had a lovely time over the holidays.  Christmas may be over but New Year’s Eve is on the way.  In the spirit of getting ready for New Year’s Eve, I have been testing out some DIY projects and making them as eco friendly as possible.  Mason jars are trending right now, and often reused to house candles.  I created a pot of gold so to speak, by repurposing a glass jar with glitter accents.  It turned out to be a sparkling new candle holder.  I admit, glitter is not the most eco friendly choice, but the jar can be reused over and over again as a sparkling candle holder.  It’s fun for parties and of course New Year’s Eve. A  Pot of Gold: DIY Candle Holder You will need: a glass jar, glitter, mod podge and ribbon. Step 1. I chose not to completely cover the jar in gold glitter, so I reused some ribbon from Christmas presents and wrapped it around the jar, taping the ends together so it would …