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A Pot of Gold

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I hope everyone had a lovely time over the holidays.  Christmas may be over but New Year’s Eve is on the way.  In the spirit of getting ready for New Year’s Eve, I have been testing out some DIY projects and making them as eco friendly as possible.  Mason jars are trending right now, and often reused to house candles.  I created a pot of gold so to speak, by repurposing a glass jar with glitter accents.  It turned out to be a sparkling new candle holder.  I admit, glitter is not the most eco friendly choice, but the jar can be reused over and over again as a sparkling candle holder.  It’s fun for parties and of course New Year’s Eve.

A  Pot of Gold: DIY Candle Holder

You will need: a glass jar, glitter, mod podge and ribbon.

Step 1.

I chose not to completely cover the jar in gold glitter, so I reused some ribbon from Christmas presents and wrapped it around the jar, taping the ends together so it would come off easily.  I then painted mod podge over the exposed areas of the jar.










Step 2.

Sprinkle glitter onto the mod podge painted areas.  Be sure to do this over newspaper or over a cardboard tray so that you can catch the glitter and refill the glitter bottle.  Let it dry.

Step 3.

Add a candle and voila! Enjoy!

glitter 2


Have fun and enjoy!

With love, xo

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