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DIY: Eco Chic Wine Charms


New Year’s Eve is days away… Here is a fun and easy DIY project, to add some sparkle and dazzle to your wine glasses and champagne flutes.  Pop. Fizz. Clink. Dazzle.

Eco Chic Wine Charms

What you will need:  Beads, charms, and  silver hoops (Used for jewelry making).  Alternatively, you can make rings out of some wire using wire pilers to bend the ends together.


Tip:  To keep it eco friendly you can repurpose old hoop earrings, beads and charms from broken necklaces or bracelets.

Instructions: Simple, string together the desired beads or charms onto the silver hoops or wire depending on the medium you are working with.  Attach to glass.



Champagne Flutes Charms




Wine charms are super easy to make.  Consider setting up an art station where guests can create their own personalized wine charms and keep it as a New Year’s Eve keepsake.  Otherwise, your lovely wine charms can be used for dinner parties, birthday’s and other festive celebrations.

Have fun and enjoy!

With love, xo