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Blue Iguanas: A National Treasure

Photo Credit: Fred Burton The Blue Iguana is endemic to Grand Cayman.  Currently, there is approximately 1,000 Blue Iguanas in the wild.  The Blue Iguana Recovery Program has been dedicated to the conservation of these beautiful creatures since 1990.  The staff and their team of volunteers do an incredible job protecting the Blue Iguanas and ensuring their conservation.  The recovery program has been successful in increasing the population of the Blue Iguanas so much that they are no longer considered critically endangered and at one time close to extinction. This being said, the “Blue’s” are still an endangered species.  The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is home to one of their sanctuaries and the Blue Iguana Recovery Program.   The recovery program focuses on captive breeding, to later release them into the wild.  Captive breeding has proven to be the most effective way to restore their population and is fundamentally why Blue Iguanas continue to exist today.  Staff members also collect valuable data from research as they study the behaviors and health of the Blue …