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Cayman Recycles, Creating A Greener Tomorrow

  I absolutely love to hear about new “green” initiatives in Cayman.  It has been long overdue that Cayman started a proper recycling program, as a small island it is imperative that we strive to work towards a greener tomorrow.  Unfortunately, as consumers we have infinite wants and finite resources.  On a whole, as our desire to buy and consume more products grows, we are depleting our natural resources at a rapid rate.  Without implementing proper recycling programs or by choosing not to recycle, has a tremendous negative impact on the environment.  Thankfully, Cayman is working towards offering more greener options and recycling programs for the community.  A huge thanks to JUNK for starting a recycling program.  A special thank you to Kirk Market for sponsoring a recycling collection facility at their location.  Mr. Alberto Thompson, operations manager of JUNK Removal and Recycling, made an excellent point “if every household in the Cayman Islands were compelled to recycle, the amount of trash coming into the dump could be cut in half” (Cayman Compass).  JUNK is …

Recycle glass bottles in Cayman at Camana Bay

Some great news Cayman! If you haven’t heard already…. You can recycle your glass bottles at the Camana Bay Recycling Center!! They also recycle cans.  So if you can’t repurpose your wine bottles, glass bottles and jars then please don’t discard them to only end up in a landfill, instead drop them off at the Camana Bay Recycling Center. Glass Stats & Facts: 1. Glass bottles dropped off at the Camana Bay Recycling Center are recycled into building materials. -Pretty Awesome- 2. The recycling machine at Camana Bay can crush 1,500 pounds of glass per hour. 3. Glass represents 10% of all the waste generated in Cayman. Please choose to be environmentally responsible  and recycle your glass bottles and jars.  Thank you Camana Bay for starting this recycling initiative! From one planet lover to another xo Resources: