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Cayman Recycles, Creating A Greener Tomorrow

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I absolutely love to hear about new “green” initiatives in Cayman.  It has been long overdue that Cayman started a proper recycling program, as a small island it is imperative that we strive to work towards a greener tomorrow.  Unfortunately, as consumers we have infinite wants and finite resources.  On a whole, as our desire to buy and consume more products grows, we are depleting our natural resources at a rapid rate.  Without implementing proper recycling programs or by choosing not to recycle, has a tremendous negative impact on the environment.  Thankfully, Cayman is working towards offering more greener options and recycling programs for the community.  A huge thanks to JUNK for starting a recycling program.  A special thank you to Kirk Market for sponsoring a recycling collection facility at their location.  Mr. Alberto Thompson, operations manager of JUNK Removal and Recycling, made an excellent point “if every household in the Cayman Islands were compelled to recycle, the amount of trash coming into the dump could be cut in half” (Cayman Compass).  JUNK is currently looking for more sponsors so that they will be able to place their recycling collection facilities in schools, strata’s and any other business looking to go green in Cayman.

I only recently found out about JUNK Removal and Recycling, and I think they are just fantastic! In addition to their recycling program, they are a complete trash removal service.  The public is now able to recycle plastic!  Specifically, #1 PET (polyethylene tri-chloride, soda/water bottles) and #2 HDPE (high-density polyethylene, milk jugs).  Currently, these are the only types of plastic they accept.  This is a huge step for Cayman.  Other items which can be recycled at their designated bins are aluminum cans and glass bottles and/or jars. (Kirk Market)

Wondering what happens to the items you dropped off to be recycled? All glass bottles and jars are sent to a local facility.  The glass is then crushed and later repurposed into decorative pavers.  Plastic items, and aluminum cans are crushed with a bailer and then shipped to Florida to be recycled. (Kirk Market)

In many instances we can choose to be environmentally responsible.  I believe we have a moral obligation to be environmentally responsible.  Choosing to live a greener lifestyle and make environmentally conscious choices will help the environment and in the long run it will benefit our future.

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Please choose to recycle cans, glass and plastic here in Cayman. 


Recycling Facts

  1. “It takes less energy to create new items from recycled materials than it does to create new products from raw materials.”
  2. “Recycling allows us to reuse materials many times to conserve natural resources while creating the products we use in our everyday lives.”
  3. “Burning garbage or throwing waste into landfills produces byproducts that pollute the environment.”


Resources/ Photo Credits


“Go Green, Keep Cayman Clean” – Kirk Market

“Recycling the key to toppling Mount Trashmore” – James Whittaker



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