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Global Wind Day: Islands + Sea Breeze


Today is Global Wind Day! That’s pretty awesome! One of my hopes is that there will be an increase in renewable energy sources here in Cayman.  As an island we are blessed with glorious sunshine all year long, a lovely sea breeze,  and of course, we are surrounded by the ever sparkling ocean.  Thus, we have the ability to implement more renewable energy sources whether its wind, solar, or water energy, the bottom line is the resources are there.  Not to mention, as a small island we should strive to be as energy efficient and environmentally responsible as possible.

The windmill in the photo is located at The Greenhouse in West Bay, they are pretty awesome! Wind is one of the coolest forms of renewable energy, and it is a great choice as a means of an alternative energy source.  One of the key reasons to encourage more windmills and/or use of wind energy is because is does not cause air or water pollution.  Overall, it would be fantastic if on a global scale there was a greater emphasis and support for renewable energy sources than the current demand and reliance on fossil fuels.

Eco Facts

1. “The energy from a single windmill can generate a high amount of energy .”

2. “Wind energy is renewable and clean unlike the fossil fuels.”


In the spirit of global wind day, enjoy the cool salty sea breeze Cayman, with love xo