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Le Visage: Sharron’s Travel Essentials

Today we are delighted to share a guest post by Sharron Eyers, founder of Le Visage.  When it comes to traveling you never want to leave home without a few of your favorite things.  You always want to look your best and feel great.  You don’t have to forgo your regular beauty and skincare routine just because you’re traveling.  Sharron will be sharing her travel essentials that keep her looking fabulous and feeling great.  All the products are animal cruelty-free and ethically made.  If you’re planning a weekend getaway and wondering what to pack, Sharron has some great recommendations. Read below Sharron’s Guest Post   I travelled to Miami recently with my husband for a Valentines getaway 💋 and of course I had to make sure I took all my favourite things to keep me looking/feeling/smelling fabulous! Here is a sneak peak of some of my essentials taken on my romantic getaway. Of course you can find all these items at Le Visage – where else darling 😏       Scout Travel Bag – Glam Squad: this is the perfect bag to …

Wanderlust Wednesday: Travel Junkie’s Guide To Columbia’s Hidden Treasures

Today’s Wanderlust Wednesday feature is by Michelle Lockwood, a world traveler and environmentalist currently based in the Cayman Islands.   Recently voted number two in the Lonely Planet’s must see countries of 2016; Colombia is gaining much more positive attention than it used to and with direct flights from Miami to numerous cities it is now incredibly easy to reach. Often having been associated with cocaine trafficking and the violence led by drug lord Pablo Escobar in the 1980s and 1990s; its reputation has long hindered its growth as a tourist destination, but in the recent years there has certainly been a resurgence of the beauty that makes Colombia iconic.  With exports such as Sofia Vergara, Shakira and of course coffee the world is starting to take notice of Colombia’s geological and cultural beauty.  Backpackers are now swarming to get to know this still hidden gem before it becomes the main event as soon enough it will be out of the shadow’s and on everyone’s South American travel itinerary. La Ciudad Perdida In English known as …

Sneak Peek: Wanderlust Wednesday

  I am so excited to announce that Eco Chic Cayman will be introducing a new series on the blog called, “Wanderlust Wednesday’s.”  This new series will feature amazing guest writers/bloggers from around the world who love to travel.  Together, we will share our travel adventures, photos from our travel destinations and travel tips.  To keep things local, I will also be spotlighting the very best of Cayman, as we are a destination hot spot in the Caribbean.   Stay Tuned!! with love, xo