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Wanderlust Wednesday: Cuba, Compassion is a universal language

Photo Credit: Lori Speirs, TWI Hippies Today’s Wanderlust Wednesday post, is by guest writer Talya Meltem. Talya is cofounder of the TWI Hippies  blog.  In her article, she shares her experience of visiting Cuba. We made it to Cuba. Our lifelong dreams of seeing the famed colourful old time cars and Spanish colonial architecture of La Habana Vieja (Old Havana), had finally came true when we stepped foot onto Cuban land, last Friday. It was hard not to stare at the beautiful people, or tune into every word that we recognized as vocabulary from Spanish Class years ago. We were greeted by two friendly taxi men, holding up a sign reading: “Lori Speirs.” By this time it had started raining cats and dogs, and even as they kindly helped us get into the cab without getting wet, it still hadn’t hit us that we were really in Cuba. Photo Credit: Lori Speirs, TWI Hippies Our driver sped down the rainy highway, zooming past the gorgeous, lush greenery of trees and mountains. For 38 minutes, I had to …

Connect With Nature

Happy World Environment Day! Every day, we should all make an effort to spend some time in nature.  Today in particular, is a perfect time to connect with nature and celebrate the beauty and importance of the environment.  There is no planet B, so it is vital that we take care of our environment.   For me, my favorite place to connect with nature is the beach. I love the ocean!! Growing up on an island I have been blessed to be surrounded by the Caribbean Sea and I can’t help but gravitate towards the sea. Huge thank you to Lori Speirs from TWI Hippies  for making this video!!! It was a great collaborative project!

We Rise By Lifting Others

Today’s blog post is in celebration of World Women’s Day 2017.  It is all about women coming together to empower one another.  We can accomplish so much together.  One of the best lessons I have learned, is “don’t compete, collaborate”.  There is room for all of us.  That being said, we still need to put in some time and effort into our work.  We can come together as a team, a support system for one another and collaborate.   So many beautiful things can come from collaboration.  I am so very thankful for the wonderful friends I have in my life.  They all have such beautiful souls and are inspiring.  I love watching them be bold and live out their dreams. We have the best time when we all come together to collaborate on projects: creative sessions, photoshoots, filming featurettes, writing content, editorials, sharing blogging tips, and business tips.  We brainstorm together and the inspiration just flows.  We all find ourselves motivated, inspired and empowered.  We all have our own talents and areas of strength …