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PWK: A Million Ways

There are a million ways to make someone’s day better… Find out how on My Happy Coincidence >> See all Project: Words of Kindness posts from My Happy Coincidence by clicking here. Find out what Project: Words of Kindness is all about by clicking here.

PWK: Special Delivery

Happy Kindness Wednesday! At the heart of Project: Words of Kindness sits the idea that each one of us can collectively make the world a more happy and friendly place by sharing kind words or performing random-acts-of-kindness. Today, I’d like to encourage you to spread kindness to someone who works very hard to deliver great things to you every day… Continue Reading >>> ‎ See all Project: Words of Kindness posts from My Happy Coincidence by clicking here.

Project: Words of Kindness

  Photo Credit: Tiffany Morgan ©2014 The Project: Words of Kindness is a space for kind thoughts, kind words, and acts of kindness. Tiffany, founder of My Happy Coincidence in Toronto, and I are super excited about our new project we have teamed up for. This page is our Headquarters for Project: Words of Kindness: Right now the project is small, should it blossom into something bigger and more beautiful than we could imagine, – then we will look into creating an official website devoted just to Project: Words of Kindness. As for now, this will be home to Project: Words of Kindness. This is a collaborative effort between Tiffany and I, so please check out her blog My Happy Coincidence for exclusive and bonus posts for Project: Words of Kindness. The Challenge: On New Year’s Day- We have 1 resolution to sprinkle the world in kindness. How are we gonna do it? By sending words of kindness to complete strangers, as well as friends and family -we couldn’t leave them out. All we ask …