Let your heart be an amplifier….



“Waiting on the World to change” by: John Mayer is on repeat on my iPod today.  I love this song! The message of this song really resonates with me.  It’s one of those songs that I think will always speak to someone or a generation for that matter, no matter what decade or century we are in.  When it comes to music, everyone likes music for different reasons, some are all about the melody, the beats, and so they seek out songs that are great to dance to or run to.  Some look for songs that they can chill out to.  While others are all about being immersed in the lyrics, its all about the words, and so they search for songs that are deep with meaning.  That’s me, I love the lyrics.  My favorite song, is one where the lyrics pull me in, not so much the melody, but the words that speak volumes, I can connect with and feel something.

One reason why I love “Waiting on the World to change” is because it’s a powerful song, and it inspires you to think about the world, and how we can find our place in this world.  It reminds us, sometimes if we want to create change we have to be the change.  We have the power to have a positive effect or impact on this world.  We need to move out of the waiting place, that we may find ourselves in, because if we want the world to change we have to go out there and do something positive.  For instance, if you are passionate about helping those in need, join a charity or a non-profit that is dedicated to caring for, and bettering the life and welfare of those in need.  If you are passionate about finding a cure for Diabetes, Cancer, or Alzheimer’s, then join one of the leading organizations/non-profits that are working towards improving the lives of those who suffer from these diseases.  Volunteer with them do your part to bring awareness.  Finally, if you are passionate about the environment and animals, again do your part to help raise awareness, make eco friendly choices, and care for animals.  There are so many animals in need of a home, adopt an animal, that is a great way to make a difference in the lives of animals.  The Cayman Islands Humane Society has over 200 animals in need of a home.

Wondering how to be eco chic when listening to music, well I guess one way that I can think of is to reduce your consumption of cd’s, and instead purchase your songs on iTunes.  It was hard for me to make the change, I really loved buying a new cd by one of my favorite artists, and just listening to all their new songs, it use to be a bit of a surprise.  Now, with iTunes, you can sample all the songs before you buy the album, or you can just buy the songs you want. It is actually cheaper to buy songs/albums from iTunes as you aren’t paying for the packaging that comes with a cd from your record store.

Rethink the way you recycle, you can also donate your cd’s once you have saved them on your iPod.  I use to have a pretty -well what I thought- impressive cd collection, but once I made the switch to iTunes I donated a bunch of them to, The Book Loft at The Cayman Islands Humane Society.  I admit there are some albums I hold onto for sentimental reasons.  Donating albums, how cool is that you can pass on the albums and songs that meant something to you, and let someone else discover the greatness of that album, song or artist.  You might even find an album that has amazing tracks on it.  Bet you didn’t know that you can even find vinyl records there. By purchasing previously listened to cd’s, I think is still an eco friendly choice, after all you are reusing/recycling the cd and your purchase is helping benefit a charity, so it’s a win win.

with love xo

P.S. Take a moment or 3 minutes rather and enjoy this great song.  May it inspire you to help make the world a better place.