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World Water Day 2013


Today is World Water Day! 

Here are some quick facts about the water crisis:

 About 2.5 billion people in developing countries still don’t have access to improved sanitation,    like a toilet.
 3.4 million people die each year from water, sanitation and hygiene related causes.
 780 million people without access to an improved water source.
How you can support World Water Day
1. Use tap water– Get a Brita Filter to filter the water and fill up your reusable water bottle. “Tap water has the lowest water and carbon footprint of any beverage.”
2. Conserve Water- You can reduce your water footprint by making the most of your water consumption at home.
-When it rains let it pour into your rain barrel.  Don’t have a fancy rain barrel that’s ok, use a plastic bucket.  Catch the rain water and use it on the sunny days to water your plants.
-When you put in a new Brita water filter and fill up your pitcher to check the filter is properly in place, save that water for your indoor or outdoor plants.
-Take shorter showers.
3. Check out this video: The Story of Bottled Water
4. Be informed- Educate yourself about where your water comes from.  Learn more about the world water crisis. Here is a great website with information http://water.org