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Greater Good: Help Support Response to Oil Spill in the Sundarbans, Bangladesh

oil spill

Photo Credit ( Sundarbans Oil Spill Response Indiegogo Campaign)


“On December 9, 2014, an oil tanker carrying an estimated 357,000 liters (77,000 gallons) of furnace oil was anchored overnight in the Sela River because of dense fog and poor visibility. Another empty tanker hit this tanker, causing it to capsize.” (Sundarbans Oil Spill)  This catastrophe has devastated the fragile eco system, The Sundarbans, home to the world’s biggest mangrove forest.  This mangrove forest is home to both rare and endangered animals such as: the rare Irrawaddy Dolphin, the endangered Bengal Tiger, and countless other species–many that are endangered.

There is an urgency for humanity to come together to help those affected by this environmental catastrophe.

Please join The Water Defense Fund in their efforts to help assist with the cleanup of the areas affected by the oil spill.   Here is a link to Sundarbans Oil Spill Response Indiegogo Campaign.  Your donation will help make a difference in the world.

Additional Resources and more info:

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