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Best Books Read in 2014

2014 is quickly coming to a close.  There are so many fond memories to look back on and reminisce over.  Some of my favorites are the intrguing books I have read lounging by a pool or on a beach.  After finishing them I couldn’t wait to share them with friends.   In honor of 2014 and the great books that have been read and loved my bestie Tiffany, founder of My Happy Coincidence and I have teamed up to share our favorite books for 2014 with all of you!
A note from Tiffany and her wonderful book selection:
I love the holidays for so many reasons. One of my top reasons is that I have spare time to read! Not much of my 2014 was spent reading books that weren’t related to my Masters course work, but of the few pleasure reads that I did manage to slip in between essays and course deadlines, here are my favourites:
Us Conductors, Sean Michaels
If you liked The Great Gatsby, you are bound to love this Canadian 2014 Giller Prize winner. Follow inventor Leon Theremin as he navigates 1920s America as a Russian spy under the shadow of a whirlwind tour with his musical phenomenon the Theremin. This tale of invention, espionage, passion, heartache, and heartbreak is sure to echo in your memory long after you have put it down.
I Am Malala, Malala Yousaifzai
Now the youngest recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize, Malala Yousaifzai threads her autobiography with touching perspective and enlightening facts. Challenge your perspective of the East by engaging with this story of political trial and bravery told from the eyes of the world’s bravest teen.
The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Stephen Chbosky
I didn’t expect to be as touched by Chbosky’s young adult novel as I was. Wonderfully written, Chbosky’s coming of age tale is raw enough to make it believable and relatable while his perfectly controlled prose makes you want to romatically quote this book at every opportunity you get.
Here are a few more books to add to your reading wish list for 2015.  My top 3 books all have been made into films, but I always have to read the book before seeing the movie.
Gone Girl, Gillian Flynn
Gone Girl
One of my besties recommended this book to me, as they had just finished reading it. I picked up a copy while in Toronto and brought it back to Cayman to finish.  To be honest at first it took me a little while to really get invested in this book.  However, once I got halfway, I couldn’t put the book down!  This book has so many twists and turns.  The surprises are calculated and shocking.   One of my favorites and must reads!
Before I go to Sleep, S.J. Watson
Before I Go To Sleep
If you enjoyed Gone Girl you will love Before I go to Sleep.  I had my theories on how this story would end after the mind-bending story unraveled.  This book will keep you hooked and curious to know how it ends.  Beautifully written, and filled with mystery and intrigue.  It’s a great psychological thriller.
Wild, Cheryl Strayed
Wild is at the top of my list!  Another book recommend by on of my best friends.  This deeply personal book, had me in tears- a good kind of cry.  Cheryl is an inspiration as she does not allow herself to be defeated.  She is only triumphant as she conquers the Pacific Crest Trail and the hardship life threw her way.
Happy Reading!!!
with love, xo


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