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Meet Cayman’s A Cappella Group The Singrays

Singrays 2015 #2

I am pleased to announce Cayman’s very own Singrays will be performing at Earth Hour: Cayman. An emerging talented a cappella group. Singrays was established in 2008. This charming music ensemble is made up of residents of the Cayman Islands. Singrays debuted their a cappella rendition of the Cayman National Song in 2009 and this rendition has since been a feature of the Cayman Arts Festival.

Their upcoming performance at Earth Hour, Saturday, 28th March 2015, at The Crescent, Camana Bay, will showcase this versatile groups fantastic vocal range. Their repertoire ranges from madrigals and chamber music, to classic rock, jazz standards, pop and modern music. An a cappella performance that cannot be missed! They offer a unique and harmonious sound. Their music is best defined by arrangements without instrumental accompaniment, focus on vocal harmonising, often using their voices to emulate instruments and incorporating a varied range of vocal percussion.

Singrays 2015 #1

Join in the celebration of Earth Hour Cayman and enjoy an incredible a cappella performance by the Singrays.

The Singrays welcome opportunities to perform and volunteer their time to sing for charity events.

They can be reached at:

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