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Eco Kids



It is so wonderful to see the enthusiasm kids have when it comes to protecting the planet. Earth Week is an excellent opportunity for parents and teachers to encourage kids to take part in protecting the environment.

Special thanks to Daybreak 27, for having me on the show for Earth Week, it has been wonderful!  To watch my interview, talking about raising eco-children please click here 


Below are 5 eco activities for kids to have fun with during Earth Week.




1. Eco Masterpiece

Kids can let their creative minds run wild, by creating eco art from items which can be recycled. A wonderful green craft for kids is building a bird feeder, out of plastic bottles. Kids can paint them, so they are more stylish.  Here is the link to instructions on how to make a bird feeder from a plastic bottle, click here

2. Green Read

What kid doesn’t love a good story?  Kids can pick up a copy of Dr. Seuss’s The Lorax, and read along with their parents. This book has a great message about the importance of trees. It is a cautionary tale and the underlying theme of the novel, is the ramifications of deforestation. It’s all about creating a balance between industry and environment.

3. Recycle Race

A little healthy competition, can help kids get excited about recycling. Why not have a friendly competition at home for kids to race to see who can recycle the most cans, plastic bottles and even glass jars and bottles. Kids will be amazed to see how much waste has been redirected from the landfill after being recycled. Each kid could essentially have their own recycle bins. They can also ask their neighbors if they recycle, and this is a good way to share with your community the importance of recycling.

4. Green Film Night

Pick a night to watch an environmental documentary with your kids at home, or even in school. Documentary’s are powerful and highly educational. Some great documentaries for kids are the Planet Earth series, Blackfish.  In particular, Blackfish, will help educate children the importance on why animals such as dolphins and orcas belong in the wild and not in captivity.

5. Nature Retreat

Let kids enjoy nature by taking a walk through the mastic trail or take kids on a snorkel adventure.  By being in nature, kids can develop a greater appreciation for the planet and possibly be inspired to help protect the environment.

with love, from one tree hugger to another, xo