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Q&A with Lifestyle Blogger Lisa Ng

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A few days ago, I had the pleasure of interviewing one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers, Lisa Ng.  Lisa, is the founder of This Beautiful Day, check out her blog here.  I came across This Beautiful Day blog, about year or so ago.  It’s pretty awesome! It is filled with great tips and articles on food, style, travel, beauty and lifestyle.

Here is my interview with Lisa, sharing her tips on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

Q & A with Lisa Ng

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1. What inspired you to become a lifestyle blogger?

I started a blog in 2010 as a place to direct friends and family who were emailing questions about travel and restaurants. I started posting restaurant reviews, travel guides, my favourite beauty products and other tips and tricks. By sharing useful lifestyle tips that were helpful to me – the blog grew from there! My research was being put to good use! Today, I run This Beautiful Day – – a lifestyle blog for smart women. Myself and my team write daily on topics such as food, travel, life advice, style and beauty.

2.What are your favorite eco-friendly beauty products to use?

I love Sibu Beauty for skincare, Youngblood for makeup, Griffin Remedy for SLS-free bath and shower products, Neal’s Yard Remedies has a great toner that I love as well.

3. How do you incorporate living an environmentally responsible lifestyle into your daily routine?

I try to buy organic whenever possible and I try to choose beauty products that are SLS and paraben-free. I also switched to glass storage containers instead of plastic ones because they are BPA-free. I know it’s impossible for everything in my routine to be natural, so I just aim to do what I can.

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4. What do you love most about nature?

I love being in the trees and just letting my mind relax. I’m lucky to live near the ocean and being able to see the water everyday – it’s lovely just to stare out into the vastness of this open space.

5. Having visited a lot of cool travel destinations, do you have any tips on how to keep traveling eco-friendly?

I bring my refillable water bottle when I can, so I can avoid being wasteful with plastic bottles. I also refill and pack my own toiletries – so I can bypass the ones you find in your hotel room. Some of those are not so great and can really dry out your skin. Plus the mini bottles are so wasteful and end up in the trash after a half use. A great tip is to also hit up a local farmers’ market if you can and stock on fresh fruit to stay healthy during your trip. If I’m visiting a big city, I take the transit whenever possible and avoid renting a car if I can – you’ll also save a ton of money this way too!

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Special thanks to Lisa! If you would like to read more from her lifestyle blog, This Beautiful Day, visit the website by clicking here.

Photo Credits: Lisa Ng.

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