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Support Local & Eat Well


Support Local & Eat Well!

Saucha Conscious Living serves up amazing locally brewed Kombucha teas, savory dishes prepared with organic vegetables from the local farmers market and tasty vegan dessert bites- all made with love.  Britta Bush, owner and Vegan Chef, takes pride in centering her dishes and Kombucha teas around local flavors and organic produce. Her inspiration is derived from focusing on nourishing the body with the finest local ingredients.  Britta ensures that her Kombucha and meals are carefully handcrafted to nourish the body and support health conscious lifestyles.  All of her products are made with high quality locally farmed ingredients. Bonus! Her products are vegan and gluten free!

The heart of Saucha Conscious Living is providing meal and drink options that promote a healthy lifestyle, clean diet and taking pride in supporting and working with local farmers.

How Does One Describe Saucha?

Saucha – (n) \sow tcha\
Consciousness about everything you put into your body, mind, heart and environment.

Drink Up!

Britta is a Kombucha Brew Master! She handcrafts every bottle of Kombucha to rich in flavor perfection. Her line of Kombucha is about to get more flavorful! Refreshing limited editions: “Tulsi Sweet Rose” and “Coconut” are soon to be standard flavors. Yay! 


An Underground Flavor Gone Mainstream

Tulsi Sweet Rose Kombucha, started out as an original flavor.  It gained popularity through Yoga Studio Bliss and Island Naturals Cafe.  Now, this light and refreshing flavor, perfect for a hot summer day, is no more an “underground flavor” it is bound for a favorite enjoyed all year long.  Britta says, “Rose is an interesting flavor and ingredient to work with.” The subtle rose flavor leaves a refreshing aftertaste. Every tea has its own unique benefits.  Tulsi, is considered to be one of the oldest medicinal teas every used.  In particular, it has been used in India for centuries.  Incorporating Konbucha into the brew allows the teas to have double the health benefits.

Crazy For Coconuts!


Did you know? Coconuts are the new H2O! Coconuts are the epitome flavor of the caribbean.  More importantly, coconuts are jam-packed with electrolytes and a multitude of health benefits. No surprise, that Britta is on trend, adding a divine coconut flavor to her line of Kombucha.  One sip and you will go crazy for another glass. Yeah, its that good!  Britta says, “Coconuts are a superfood and loves their versatility.”


Have Your Cake & Eat It Too!


Surprise! You can have your cake and eat it too.  Thanks to Britta’s delicious Carrot Cake Bites! OMG, are they yummy!  I dare you to try to eat just one. Spoiler Alert: Like me, you will probably devour the whole box.  No need to worry about calories.  This delectable treat is made with whole good ingredients and is clean diet friendly.  No wonder it is the most requested dessert. Enjoy!

Craving More?

If you find yourself with a thirst for a glass of Coconut Kombucha and tasty meal prepared by Britta and dessert to go with it, then you are in for a real treat.  You can join her weekly mailing list and benefit from her fresh and seasonable meals. Curious what is on the menu? Click here, to find out what mouthwatering meals can be delivered straight to you.

Enjoy! xo



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