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How To Throw A Susty Party 101


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Calling all hostesses with the mostess and party animals! In the wake of New Year’s, the confetti has been swept away and you may find yourself reminiscing over the spectacular party you were at on New Year’s Eve. You wonder when will be the next great party? Good news! You can party like Gatsby and do it in eco chic style! The fabulous ladies from Susty Party have got the party supplies to make your next party or celebration a smash success!

Behind The Party Scenes


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Meet Emily Doubilet and Jessica Hosley! They are the dynamic duo who founded Susty Party in 2009. Susty Party is based in Brooklyn, NY on a mission to make “everyday living and entertaining more sustainable” (Susty Party). Their company offers stylish, fun and chic party supplies ranging from cutlery, cups, napkins to party decorations all made with love and with an eco-conscious mindset. Their products are of high-quality and were designed specifically to be: plastic-free, non-toxic, compostable, biodegradable and made with renewable or recycled materials. Bonus! Their products are made in partnership with non-profit factories that employ and empower people with disabilities. Susty Party believes in giving back. When you purchase from their new Susty Home Collection a portion of proceeds is donated to a non-profit that funds micro loans for female entrepreneurs. (Susty Party)

Susty Party is a certified B Corporation that believes life should be fun as well as good for people and the planet. (Susty Party)

Rock On


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Emily Doubilet and Jessica Hosley were included in Forbes 2014 “30 Under 30” list, featured on the ABC television network show “Shark Tank,” and awarded the Yoshiyama Young Entrepreneur Award by the Hitachi Foundation for their innovative approach to environmental sustainability and commitment to creating jobs for the visually impaired. Susty Party products have been seen on “The View,” “The Katie Couric Show,” “TODAY,” and featured by Martha Stewart media. (Susty Party)

Well done ladies!

Let’s Throw A Party Just Because


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Check out my Q&A with Susty Party sharing their party tips.
Eco Chic Cayman: Susty Party what is your favorite or number 1 must have party accessory?


Photo Credit: Susty Party


Susty Party: Our compostable star tumblers! They’re perfect for cocktails or mocktails, add a little bit of flair that works for both classy and casual celebrations, and you don’t feel bad about stacks of disposables at the end of the night because these plant based cups are plastic free!

Eco Chic Cayman: Can you share with readers your best party tip for throwing an eco-friendly party?


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Susty Party: Keep a stock of Susty products on hand so you’re ready to host an eco-friendly party last minute. 🙂 We’re also fans of growlers, which are everywhere now, I even saw you can get growlers of beer at Duane Reed!  A few growlers + compostable Susty cups means less waste and less cleanup.

Eco Chic Cayman: What is your favorite party food or cocktail recipe?


Photo Credit: Susty Party

Susty Party: We love making cocktails with owl’s brew tea mixers. It’s another women owned company and they make it so easy to whip up bar worthy drinks with just their brew, your favorite booze, and ice, plus the drink isn’t loaded with sugar.

Ready to Party like Gatsby?

Head on over to Susty Party and check out all the fabulous party supplies you can use at your next party.

Need some party inspiration? Visit Susty Party on Instagram @sustyparty and spread the party love #sustystyle or check them out Pinterest

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A Surprise Just For You!

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Susty Party has a present just for you! As a special promotion, use the code ECOTOWELS – to get the first month of their paper towel subscription free, which is 6 rolls of 100% recycled paper towels, which is a $9.99 value.

Special thanks to Hailey Hayman for working with me on this article!
Party On! with love from one tree hugger to another, xo

Photo Credit: Susty Party
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