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Come Dive With Us…

Come dive with us


Come Dive With Us

Cayman Eco Divers is an environmentally responsible dive company. They provide safe diving adventures exploring the spectacular coral reefs and historic shipwreck sites found in the Cayman Islands.  Snorkelers are welcome to join in on the fun too!  The heart of Cayman Eco Divers is to share with locals and tourists alike the beauty of the ocean and life that resides there with an eco-conscious mindset and absolute respect for the ocean. Cayman Eco Divers is committed to both the conservation and preservation of coral reefs, marine life and the environment.


Meet Brittany Balli and Aaron Hunt!

It has been such a pleasure getting to know Brittany and Aaron, from Cayman Eco Divers. Both have an incredible love and respect for the ocean and marine life. They have an excellent rapport in Cayman’s diving industry, with a vast amount of diving experience.  Aaron is an experienced PADI dive instructor and International Yacht Training Captain who has led thousands of trips to explore Grand Cayman’s reefs.  When touring around Cayman waters with Aaron, your safety is his top priority. Brittany is also a certified PADI instructor and has completed her captain training with IYT. (How cool is that?) Their cheerful and easygoing personalities along with their wonderful hospitality you are guaranteed to have the time of your life when diving with Cayman Eco Divers.

Bonus! Their background in marine biology and passion for environmental conservation adds a unique element to your dive experience, as both are more than happy to chat about the conservation of coral reefs and marine life. They are also well versed in the background of Cayman’s historic shipwrecks and other popular dive spots they will take you exploring.



The Cayman Islands is surrounded by crystal clear water with 365 alluring dive sites. Yep, for all you ocean lovers you could essentially visit a different dive site every day for an entire year. (Bucket List wish?) If you are just vacationing in paradise, Cayman Eco Divers is all set to take you on an amazing underwater tour of some of the most famous dive sites on the west side of the island. Popular dive sites include: Fish Pot Reef, Royal Palms Ledge, The USS Kittiwake, Pageant Beach Reef, Paradise Reef, Eagle Ray Rock, Eden Rock, Barracuda Wall, The Oro Verde and The Balboa.


Diving plays a significant role in Cayman’s tourism. Our small island has built a solid reputation of offering world class diving experiences, showcasing some of the most unique and diverse coral reefs and eco-systems found in the world. Cayman Eco Divers takes pride in being a part of Cayman’s diving industry. They are keen on supporting eco-tourism. Diving with Cayman Eco Divers is a sure way to indulge in one’s love for the ocean with an eco-conscious mindset. Aaron and Brittany are avid divers and enthusiastic conservationists, as such, they are dedicated to ensuring that their dive and snorkel trips are conducted with absolute respect for marine life and coral reefs.


If you are a local with a love for Cayman’s reefs and the ocean, feel free to join Brittany and Aaron on some fantastic dive adventures. Cayman Eco Divers can easily get avid snorkelers upgraded to certified divers. Both locals and tourists are more than welcome to finesse their diving skills with the range of services and courses offered by Cayman Eco Divers.
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Ready to discover the spectacular underwater landscape unique to the Cayman Islands? Give us a call 345-938-4904 and book your next diving and/or snorkel adventure with us!


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