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Wanderlust Wednesday: Swimming with Turtles

Turtles in the Cayman Islands

(Photo Credit: Eco Chic Cayman)

Yesterday, I shared a “sneak peek” of Wanderlust Wednesday.  Today, I am pleased to announce this is the first official post of the brand new series.  I am keeping it local today, and sharing the love for turtles.  The absolute best way to see a turtle, is to encounter them swimming alongside you in the wild.  The photos and footage of turtles shared within this post are of turtles found swimming in Cayman waters.  Most importantly, whenever one encounters marine life one should always have respect for the animal(s) and their environment.  The turtles I came across while snorkeling were super friendly and did not mind poising for the camera.  It was both a surreal and incredibly humbling experience to witness firsthand the awesomeness of seeing a turtle in the wild.  It is a privilege to live on an island that has such a rich and biodiverse underwater landscape.  To have the opportunity to swim with turtles in the wild is simply a memory that will last a lifetime— a lucky encounter indeed.


(Photo Credit: Eco Chic Cayman)

Las Tortugas

For those of you who don’t know, the Cayman Islands were originally named “Las Tortugas.”  When Christopher Columbus first discovered our beautiful set of islands he found an immense population of sea turtles in the waters surrounding our islands, hence the name Las Tortugas.  Later, we became known as the Cayman Islands.

Turtles in the Cayman Islands

Primarily, divers and snorkelers encounter green sea turtles whilst exploring Cayman waters.  However, other species of turtles that can be found here are: the extremely rare Kemp’s Ridley and Loggerhead turtles.  The Kemp’s Ridley is considered to be one of the most endangered sea turtle.  It is also the smallest of sea turtles. The Green Sea Turtle is considered one of the largest sea turtles followed by the Loggerhead.


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Photo Credit: Eco Chic Cayman

Turtle Love: 5 Reason’s to love turtles

  1. They are just way awesome!  It is such a privilege to swim amongst these gentle and graceful creatures.
  2. Turtles are so cool, they even have their own day! World Turtle Day is 23rd May.
  3.  They are a fundamental part of our marine ecosystem.  They help to maintain the balance and health of coral reefs and seagrass beds.
  4. Sea Turtles can live up to 50 years or more.
  5. Sea Turtles are one of this planet’s most ancient animals.


(Photo Credit: Eco Chic Cayman)

Turtles Roaming The Ocean

Check out some film footage of turtles swimming in the wild, in Cayman waters.

(Film Credit: Eco Chic Cayman)

(Film Credit: Eco Chic Cayman)

(Film Credit: Marique Cloete)

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