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Wanderlust Wednesday: Another Reason to Visit Toronto

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Today’s Wanderlust Wednesday feature is by Beatrice .  Beatrice is based in Toronto.  She is a world traveler and an emerging freelance photographer.  One way she enjoys giving back to Toronto is volunteering her time and photography talent at the Toronto International Film Festival — she is an official TIFF volunteer photographer.  You can discover more incredible photo’s by Beatrice on her website Photographed by Beatrice.



Toronto is the quintessential definition of Canadian multiculturalism. Being considered one of the most multicultural cities in the world, I definitely consider it to be the true heart of the nation. You can see this quality of the city at not only every street corner and every neighbourhood, but also in the festivals and events it hosts. Every weekend in the summer you can practically visit the entire world just by attending the festivities around the city! As the summer winds down, one of the most prestigious film festivals starts up. The Toronto International Film Festival, or TIFF for short, has been delighting its audiences since 1976.


In 1976, TIFF showed 176 films from 30 different countries. Last year, TIFF hosted 399 movies from 79 different nations. At the 2015 festival more than 500,000 festivalgoer’s paid on average $25 to be virtually transported all around the world and entered the stories of the films they watched. With all of the excitement and potential for exploration and discovery, I decided to become involved with documenting the festival in 2014. Ever since, I have had the pleasure to photograph the events and wonderful volunteers, who basically run the show. Over 3000 volunteers give their time each year to ensure that the show runs smoothly and the guests and talents enjoy their time at the festival.


Have I convinced you to attend yet? I hope so! If you have decided to join the vibrant city this September, the festival runs from September 8-18 2016. For more information on schedules and tickets, check out the TIFF website http://tiff.net/festivals/festival16


Now, while you are in Toronto, you cannot miss the opportunity to explore the rest of the city. Each part of the downtown is very distinct and unique in style, so make sure you take advantage of a city tour https://www.citysightseeingtoronto.com/ If you prefer seeing the sights on your own, make sure you get a TTC day pass that gets you on any subway, bus or streetcar. Make sure you stop at one of the thousands of bars and restaurants. There is something for virtually any taste bud. My personal recommendation if this is your first time visiting Canada is to try our national dish, a poutine. You cannot leave the country without giving it a taste! The list of what to see and do in the city is endless, but before I have overwhelmed you, I have one last piece of advice. The city extends beyond the waters of Lake Ontario, and on to the island. A quick ferryboat ride or water taxi takes you to beaches, water sports, nature, trails and fun attractions on Centre Island. It is absolutely the best view of the city, even better than that from the top of the CN tower or from a helicopter tour.

I hope I have peaked your curiosity for this wonderful city of Toronto. Come discover the world, in one place!

More About Beatrice


Beatrice studied photography at Sheridan College. She also has a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Education, Masters of Arts and is a certified teacher.  When she’s not teaching or taking photos, Beatrice loves travelling! Beatrice specializes in events, and focuses on anything from movie premieres to weddings. But she also shoots anything else for her client’s needs, such as products, fashion or portraits.




Photo Credit: Beatrice

Photographed by Beatrice