Ocean Lover

World Oceans Day 2017

The ocean is the heart of our planet and it is our life-support system.  Oceans provide over 50% of the world’s oxygen, so it is vital that we maintain a healthy ocean.  We depend on the ocean for our survival.  Coral reefs are home to 25% of marine life.  Coral reefs are often viewed as the rainforest of the sea and have intrinsic value. The caribbean alone has lost approximately 80% of its coral reef coverage.  Coral reefs on a global scale are under threat.  There is an urgent need to protect the ocean and preserve coral reefs.

The ocean has this incredible power to unite us— we all are connected to the ocean. The ocean is vast and full of wonderment and spectacular beauty.  Let us all join together to help protect the ocean and conserve coral reefs.  It is important that we also take the time to connect with nature and celebrate the beauty of our planet.

A simple way we can create positive change is by recycling and removing trash scattered along the beach and from the ocean.  Or, volunteer and get involved in your local community with environmental organizations. Volunteering with local organizations is a great way to help create a positive impact.

Happy World Oceans Day! xoxo

Here in the Cayman Islands:

If you are interested in becoming a turtle volunteer email: doeturtlemonitoring@gmail.com or to report a nest/poaching phone the turtle hotline 938-6378

If you are interested in becoming a shark logger or to report a shark sighting email: sharkloggers@gmail.com

Special Thanks and Video Credits:

Lori Speirs, Marique Cloete, Johanna Kohler and Dale Williams.

Special Thanks, Guest Appearances

Marique Cloete, Aaron Hunt and Talya Metlem.